Carex 'Evergold'

Avid(Z5/Chicago)April 24, 2005


Has anyone been growing this sedge successfully in Z5?

A few years back. 'Bowles Golden' was considered marginally hardy in Z5 but I have had no problems with it. I tried 'Evergold' last year and all 3 plants are DOA this Spring. I went back to the books and now see that 'Evergold' gets varying hardiness ratings from different sources from Z5 to Z7. Drat.

Still, I'd like to give it another shot.

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How do you like your Bowle's golden sedge? I looked for one all summer last year after seeing some pictures in a book, but couldn't find any. I finally found someone at our farmer's market selling them recently, and I bought 3 of them.

I am a sucker for gold-leaved plants, and Bowle's is the nicest gold "grass" I have seen. I may grow one of them in one of our ponds, and plant the others around the pond edges. How tall did yours get? Is it invasive?

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'Bowles' has been totally hardy here for me, and has had no die off in the center, unlike many grasses and sedges. I've grown it for 3-4 years now and its beautiful all season long. It gets about 18 inches tall, I'd guess, and I have it in a mostly shaded, evenly moist spot. It withstands drying out, occasionally. The best 2 Carex I've grown are 'Ice Dance' and 'Bowles.' I would put 'Evergold' up there had it proved hardier...

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I suspect that why some grasses (and other plants) are given different zonal ratings is for two reasons: not every winter sends temps to a zoneÂs lower limit; and many gardens offer micro-climates that are warmer than the greater surrounding area.

I would certainly like to try C. ÂEvergold in my z5a garden, but since my last winterÂs low was -18°F, I doubt that I will. Do you know the lowest temps of past winters in your garden?

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BruMeta, I think you are right about temps. Additionally, I think that, in areas as cold as zone 5, variations in conditions can kill of plants that are marginally hardy. I'm thinking specifically about: *long dry spells in winters without snow cover * warm spells with heavy rain, followed by a hard freeze, *wide temperature variations, causing heaving of soil.

At any rate, this past winter in Chicago was rather mild, w/o more than a day or 2 of sub-zero temps. I think if the colder temps of the 70's and early 80's reappear around here, I will lose many plants that I now take for granted.

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I sympathize. I lost two of my favorite Deschampsias this winter (and they are rated hardy to zone 4!). So, we plant anew...

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