Female flowers opened before male?

williammorgan(6b)June 21, 2013

Anyone ever experience this? I don't ever remember it. I've got some pumpkins on a hill with female flowers open but the male flowers are closed. In all my memory of growing pumpkins I'm used to seeing male flowers open 1st. We just had a lot of rain and with that darkness. Could that have prompted the female flowers to open 1st?

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I have no idea, but I just had the same thing happen with my butternut squash. I've had about 5 female flowers open in the last few days, but no male flowers yet.

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Rain and darkness... that sounds like the typical spring and early summer around here. And my squashes always put out female blossoms ahead of the males. Maybe the weather and soil composition, who the heck knows. Right now I have two zucchinis with all kinds of female blossoms of all sizes queued up for the next month. Scarcely a male blossom in sight. Luckily, I also have some Delicatas growing nearby. This happens with Pepos, Maximas and Moschatas alike, every year without fail.

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