Best and Worst of the year so far?

Markshep(8a)June 28, 2012

I am new to haveing a large quantity of veggies as usually we just grow tomatos and Peppers. This year I have a little of everything.... Tomato,Pepper( Bell, Poblano, Anaheim, Sweet Banana),Squash ( Acorn,Butternut,Zucchini,Crookneck,Spaghetti),Pumpkin,Watermelon,Beans (Bush Lima,Pole green, Bush Green), Onions,Garlic,Lettuce,Cucumber ,Eggplant,Sweet Corn, and some herbs.

1 Tomato is been super productive(16) and 1 Zucchini now has 4 veggies 1 picked and 3 on the way. 1 Butternut Squash has 3 small veggies, everything else is just starting as I have been planting a row here and there on my weekends off. Made it easier then trying to do everything at once.

This year is my best tomato crop and peppers have been down what has been good and bad for you this year?

I am curious as too what everyone has had good luck with. I have even a more ambious garden planned for next year, LOL all plotted out in Excel and everything. (The wife thinks I am weird.)

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So far I have beans coming out of my ears. Tomatoes and peppers have been good. Planted squash and cucumbers twice and did not do well. I don't know why, never had this happen before. Have many volunteer tomatoes. Strawberries would have been good but the squirrels picked them before they were ripe. They also got my bush cherries and I was watching them every day and they were almost ripe too. The okra came up a little spotty but should have enough plants for enough okra.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I never have much great luck with bush beans in my raised beds, and I pulled them out tonight. We did fine from them, but they are done. A few tomatoes aren't great: I purchased them from the same source. I could have overwatered them, or it could be that particular bed, or they could just have come with problems....I just prune off yellow foliage and let them keep on because they are loaded with fruit.
Okra has been weird this year with me too. They just SAT and did nothing for weeks until I gave them some cottonseed meal. Other forms of nitrogen seemed to do nothing for them, but that worked fine. Next year I'll try manure in the planting hole. Seems they enjoy a stronger dose of fertilizer at a younge age!
My squash and watermelon are SLOW but that's OK. Planted late, and they are in a very weedy area and competing with the mullien I planted. I am sure they will do just fine and eventually produce well. I am also going to plant more melon, I like to plant them in stages. Actually as soon as this godawful heat passes I have more tomatoes, sweet potatoes and melons to put in the ground!
My limas are going everywhere. The package said bush. THEY ARE NOT BUSH, lol. Ah, well, as long as they make limas I'm good. The bush and climbing beans are doing well. I pulled out one summer squash and planted two hot peppers in it's place. Three more summer squash are meh. Not giving me much, totally full of borers. I smartly underplanted these with more eggplant, which are now flowering and beginning to produce. I've had herbs out the wazoo.
This was the first year for blueberry harvest off of dwarf plants. They were trial plants, and haven't done much but were good this year. They are planted in a bed of strawberries which was OK. Not as many berries as last year. I need to add more "good stuff" to their bed and replant them in the fall.
Sweet peppers are beginning to fruit.
I've had more cucumbers than I know what to do with from just 6 plants!!!! They went NUTS (and other other plants are just starting to produce!) and I now have a few dozen jars of pickles, have given away two bags, eat at least 3 every day (so does my DH). It's been wonderful.
We still have chard and kale but tonight's kale was really cabbagey tasting so I guess it's time to pull it soon (it is shading some blueberries yet, so I hate to pull it until heat passes).

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eggplant30038(8a - ATL)

My best crop this year is the peppers and cucumbers. Much more than last year. The worst is the Mortgage Lifter tomato, that has not produced one tomato ( I will never plant again). The garden has held up very nicely, with all the hot weather..

The corn, bush beans, sweet potatoes are doing great also. I am thinking of pulling out the cherry tomato (producing too much). I gave a box of veggies away to the neighbors on Sunday!! DH and I will be pulling up the Irish potatoes today or tomorrow.

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Stellabee(7, Atlanta)

My beans are doing great (so far I've harvested a lot of Contender-bush bean and rattlesnake-pole bean). I pulled the contender once they were done and tilled in new compost and replanted with Kentucky Wonder pole, which is supposed to be prolific and do very well here too.
I've also done well with Costatta Romanesco zucchini. They are not prolific but they do produce well. The plants are large and beautiful too.
Cucumber was planted late, so I'm just starting to see flowers and small female cukes. Don't know if the varieties I planted will do well (Sweet Marketmore, Straight Eight, and Homemade Pickles), but can update if needed.
Organic Roma tomato has set a lot of fruit, despite the heat. Will plant again for sure...

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My tomatos have been doing doing pretty good. I have picked somewhere around 800 pounds of tomatoes so far but with all the heat the last couple of weeks all the new flowers have been dropping like crazy. Have made 15 quarts of spaghetti sauce and 25 pints of Annies Salsa so far and sold about 500 pounds. What is a fair price for tomatos in the Atlanta area(I'm selling for $1.25 a pound) don't want to get rich but it would be nice to eat for free. My bush beans did really well and I probably got about 10-12 gallon ice cream containers filled and about 9 of them being frozen. I have planted more and am waiting to see if I get anything out of them. My zucchini did okay at first but then something killed them. My cucumbers again did great at first got about 35 pounds of pickling cucumbers and quite a few of the slicers but something got the to. Have replanted some but not sure what will happen in all this heat. My onions did pretty good made some pickled onions and we still have quite a few of the larger ones left we are eating. My corn did really good, I planted Gurney's "gotta have it" and I have to say it is the sweetest corn I have ever eaten at least I think so and am on my second planting of that. The Charleston Grey and Crimson Sweet watermelon are doing okay,but the Sugar Babys growing up a trellis are dying on me. For some reason my cantaloupe aren't doing very well at all ,sure it is my fault as I am a newbie gardener (my second year growing a garden). My peppers are doing pretty well have been picking bell's,some cayenne, jalapenos, Sweet Banana,Cubanelle and Thai. Waiting on some of the others to start producing (not very patiently).Planted my eggplant and straight and crookneck squash kind of late waiting on my onions to be pulled but got a couple squash the other day and the eggplants have some eggs on them......thats about it I think.

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