Feeding Gourds in Pots

ranchonotsograndeJune 24, 2009

Newbe with Gourds

Suggestion on what to Feed Gourds in Pots. How Often?

Looks like 7-8 Days of 100's. Do I need to provide shade to prevent vilted leaves?

Great Site, learning daily. Thanks to all the great posts.

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

I'm sorry, I have no experience with gourds and little with plants in pots. But I hate to see anyone's question sit unacknowledged.

I'd try feeding lightly and cautiously -- just a pinch of balanced fertilizer once a week or so. Its easier to correct underfeeding later than to watch fertilizer-burned plants die.

I'd shade the pots to keep the roots cool but not worry about shading the vines themselves. Squash family plant leaves will wilt in the hottest part of the day as a natural means of conserving water. They perk back up in the cool of the evening.

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