pumpkins Orange in June

kimij67June 27, 2009

My kids wanted to try a pumpkin patch this year, so we bought some seeds and followed the package directions exactly..now we have a beautiful patch with to pretty large pumpkins, but they have turned ORANGE and its only JUNE...any ideas on how to keep them for the kids until OCTOBER? And my father said since it ranges about 101-105 now everyday it may be to hot for them to pollonate and make more...any help is welcome!

Thank you so much

Sweating in Texas.


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Pick them off the vine, they will rot if left on the vine until October. Leave them outside for a week or so after you pick them to cure in the sun. Then take them inside and store them until fall preferably in a cool dry place like a basement. Once the vines "realize" that they no longer have pumpkins they will likely try to produce more. The second crop, if you get one, will ripen much closer to October. Also you should wash the pumpkins to remove dirt, I like to just use soap and water. And be very careful to not damage the pumpkin in any way as this will shorten the shelf life.

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

You can probably plant a new crop for October right now.

Since I'm new to zone 7, I asked the county ag agent when to put in the winter squash so that I got squash in October instead of squash in August. I was told to plant them in early June.

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Thank you. I have just this morning picked the pumpkins..I must say..they are perfect..a perfect halloween pumpkin..in June..I am going to follow your directions and let them cure outside..althoug a few weeks may be to long..my friends pumpkins she harvested didnt last a week in the hot texas sun and humidity..then they will be inside with us for safe keeping, we will see if we can get them to last till October. I will post updates. Thank you so much

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Oh good definitely trust your friend over me because I am not familiar with your local conditions. You still want to store them in a cool dry place though to get the most from them. Also I like to clean my pumpkins monthly just because they can gather dust and stuff from just sitting in one place.

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