Wyatt's Wonder Pumpkin

runswithscissors(MT 4/5)June 2, 2013

Has anyone ever tried these pumpkins? I've grown them for 2 years and LOVE them. They are huge, but still movable, and stay roundish and orange for fall decorating. I did find that the deer absolutely LOVE them too and will eat them over apples.

Last year I saved seed. The seeds looked perfect. Nice and fat and bulbous with that "hard-candy-coating" look on the sides. But alas, they would not germinate. So, either they were too imature...I don't think that's it. Or, I didn't save them correctly....hmmm, I've saved pumpkin seeds before that grew fine and these "looked" better than the packaged seeds. Or, wyatt's wonder is some sort of a hybrid that is difficult to germinate? I cannot find any info on whether it is a hybrid or not. Any ideas?

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If you can squeeze the seed and it doesn't collapse or break the seeds are likely mature enough. The only thing really crucial that you might be lacking is warm soil. I see you are in zone 4/5, while ordinarily I am a proponent for direct seeding you might want to try starting a transplant inside. They make heating mats but usually the top of a refrigerator is pretty warm.

I don't believe that variety is a hybrid and even if it was your seeds should still germinate just fine. Typically if you can't find info on it being a hybrid then it is not.

The soil temperature need to be 70 F or greater for the seeds to have good germination. And that is soil not air, it could be 80 F in the air and still have soil temps too cold.

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runswithscissors(MT 4/5)

Thanks weirdtrev. I always start my pumpkins, gourds, melons, cukes inside using the papertowel method on a heat mat. I've always had great success. I tried 2 storebought Wyatt's, and 10 of mine. The store seeds germinated, none of mine did. They sat in the towel and rotted. I wonder if I should have "fermented" the seeds before drying, like tomatoe seeds?

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