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lhgreenacresMay 29, 2005

We are laying a flagstone patio and want to use groundcover in between the spaces. Any advise on what kinds of groundcover are the most hardy? The other catch is that part is more full sun and then there is part underneath a gazebo eating area.


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Kathy Bochonko

I just finished planting/installing my pathway yesterday. I used Bluestar Creeper, Creeping Thyme, wooly thyme, and Red Creeping thyme. There are many options you could try, not sure what part of SoCal you are or what zone, so I am not sure what your best options would be. You may want some sort of moss under the gazebo. I mixed the typed of plants used so I could put the bluestar creeper in the spots where I thought it might get too much water for the thyme. I tried to make it very random looking. I then mulched the whole thing with a small gravel.

good luck

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manifest(USDA 11a, Sunset 24, CA)

There's a groundcover that will take full sun as well as shade that I really like - Cotula 'Platt's Black.' I don't see it used very often in my area at all, for some reason, so I consider it to be rather unusual-looking. It spreads quickly via underground rhizomes. Beautiful foliage that resembles tiny ferns in green/bronze tones. Also goes by the name Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black'.

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Leptinella is an excellent suggestion - it is a very adaptable groundcover with an immensely appealling appearance. And is heaven to walk on with bare feet, also :-) Plain green forms are available if the dusky tones of Platt's Black are not to your liking - it can look a bit burnt under certain conditions.

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The burned look can result from insufficient water - this is not exactly the most drought tolerant of GC's.

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