Vinca Minor illumination

luv2smileMay 18, 2009

Does anyone have this? I just planted it to fill in an area of a perenial garden next to a sidewalk. I've heard horror stories about the green vinca minor and so I'm starting to wonder if I should re-think my choice.

I love the color, but is this anywhere near as aggresvive as the gree vinca minor? I keep getting conflicting answers online...some say it isn't as aggressive, others say it is. I would need to be able to contain it and not let it take over other areas of the garden and into the other plants.

Thanks in advance.

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

I picked up four little tiny pots of this three summers ago. It had been allowed to dry out, etc., typical big box type of treatment. I set it down in my garden, my husband suddenly got very sick and it sat there for two seasons on top of the ground in these little plastic pots. Oak leaves blew over the plants and that is the way they spent the winters and hot summers. This year health is restored to my husband and I am once again enjoying working in my garden. I put these little guys into the soil and they took off. I had lovely blue flowers on them early spring and the variegated foliage is a nice look in my shade garden. Early spring, we still have bright light where they're planted because the oaks haven't yet put on their leaves. I could see the pretty blue flowers from my home office window this spring and so enjoyed them. It was the first thing I currently have planted to bloom this spring so it was a lovely and welcome surprise.

I would say, based on my experience, that it is a good, easy to grow groundcover and I find, so far, it is easy to remove when it ventures beyond the boundaries I've established. The soil it was finally planted in had been worked to a depth of about 16 inches and amended with lots of peat three years ago. So far I love the plant but I've had little real life experience with keeping it contained. As of now, I just pull back and pinch the runners. I don't know if it also spreads below ground and will be curious to read of other experiences.


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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I love the color, but haven't tried to remove it. It seems shallow-rooted, though, and not very vigorous compared to the green. It is so lovely when blooming!

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darlene87(z7 Wa)

I have it growing under roses and daylilies, where I do not want it. Every spring and fall, I spend hours pulling it up as best as I can, only to have it come back again. This has been a 20 yr. battle, but at least pulling it up, keeps it from spreading all over.

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Don't want to steal your thread, but does anyone know where I might be able to find photos of vinca minor without the flowers? I'm thinking of a groundcover, and if I go with this one, (I have no clue of the different varieties, either!) I know it won't always show flowers, so I'd like to see what it looks like without the flowers. Of course the catalogs and photos I've seen online only show the beautiful little flowers....

Illumination, this is a type of vinca minor?

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

For the gardener who wanted photos of Vinca without the blooms.

After researching my variety of Vinca, I'm not certain just what I have. It has a deep green leaf with white/silver edge, very rich looking. I have it in my shade garden and it really brightens the spot. It gets dappled shade throughout the day and is doing beautifully. Easy to pull up and clip runners or edge with a sharpe tool to keep it in bounds. Roots appear to be quite shallow but it is extremely hardy. It does have the lovely mat of blue 'periwinkle' flowers in the spring.

Here are two photo's taken this morning; the first is a broader view and the second photo will provide you with a more close up view of the leaves.

I live in N Little Rock, AR, where we have very hot, humid summers and do get the occasional freeze during winter.

Mary From Garden & Plants

From Garden & Plants

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Thank you very much for taking those photos! I like that foliage too!! Very pretty! Think I'll definitely need to incorporate some of that into my landscape somewhere!

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Your vinca minor looks like these....doesn't it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Ralph Shugert Vinca Minor

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)


My thanks for taking the time to provide the helpful link. Yes, I do believe this is the variety I have and I'm happy to now have a name to go with it. Thank you so much.


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Consider it payback for taking the time to post the pics!

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Here's some variegated Vinca minor, it may be Illumination-

It is mixed with some green leaved Vinca.

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You all are really making me love vinca. Unfortunately, it's late enough in the summer already, I've not been able to find any locally yet. I'd really like the variegated kind.


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