horsetail (Equisetum) in containers

wood_fernApril 20, 2008

Was looking for ideas for my entry way and found HORSETAIL (Equsetum) used in CONTAINERS in an article in current Garden Ideas magazine (spring 08). Containers arranged to create a short fence/border to define landing of front door. Next to horsetail were containers of various variegated grasses. Contrasts between horsetail and grasses in colors, textures, sizes and shapes make very nice effect. Anybody ever try this...raising horsetail in containers?

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I've planted Equisetum hyemale in problems. It can definitely be a container plant. You can even plant them in the ground, within containers to control growth/spread. I think the vertical habit would work really well with a variety of other container plants...just keep the horsetail in its own container or it will choke out the competition.

Keep the soil moist/wet. Use a pot without drainage holes, or place a liner in the pot. You can take cuttings from the horsetail for indoor arrangements.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Be aware that if this plant is not planted in a closed bottom container, it will escape. Once it escapes, it can be one of the worst garden thugs I have ever dealt with. Bottomless barriers (even pretty deep ones) or pots with drainage holes will not work to control this plant. It seems to do just fine in a closed bottom container planted in a mixture of three parts peat and one part pH neutral sand.

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I planted some in terra cotta pots last year and re-potted this year after the terra cotta broke apart. The plants survived the winter without any protection but look like they are starting over now. The new pots have plugs in the drain holes so the pots hold water and the plants seem to like this much better. They do well standing in water. I have been a little disappointed in the size of the horsetail so far. I bought mine at a local nursery in Michigan and the shoots are pencil sized or smaller. Digging Dog nursery sells a variety that is supposed to be much bigger and sounds more like what I originally had in mind--a more dramatic looking plant.

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I'm looking for a design idea on what type of container & pot would look best for a horsetail (Equisetum). I would like to put the horsetail (Equisetum) in a pot, one on each side of the garage door in front of the house. I bought a big, glazed, ceramic pot from Costco and I'm not sure if that is a good look for horsetail (Equisetum).

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It's obviously a highly personal matter of taste, but that's the nature of design.

I've seen two different container presentations of Equisetum which struck me.

One was a fairly tall and narrow copper cylinder, which perfectly mimicked the columnar stature of the Horsetail.

The other was a ~50 gallon galvanized aluminum trough with three large clumps of Equisetum.

Both displays were very statuesque in garden settings.

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