Squash Borers

pgkinnoJune 2, 2007

yikes - Was really busy the past couple weeks and neglected the garden - when I went out today - the pumpkin, cantaloupe and zucchini vines in one area of the yard are infested with borers - I removed the most seriously infected plants - but what to do now - should I remove all the plants - my best guess is yes lest they infect the other part of the yard that hasn't been damaged yet... this is so infuriating... Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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for natural help put any mint plants, they don't like the scent. I had choclate mint and pepermint and spearmint plants in one location and another location without mint and the squash borers were allover the site without mint and very few were around the site with mint. Severn works if you like to use it.

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