newbie has a question about spinners

melinda155June 26, 2007

I have some spinners plants growing, and very well, i might add...

but now i see 2 different color flowers!!! yellow and white.

So, my conclusion is i have 2 different plants growing, correct?

which one is the spinner?

should i just let both grow in the same place?

they're both using the same pole to grow up on....

really need someone's help.



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spinners have yellow flowers and bloom in the morning. Hard shell gourds have white flowers and bloom at night. I understand that they can not cross pollinate; so growing up the same place should be okay.

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thank you Deb, for answering this. And yippee, the gourds I see are from the yellow flower (spinner).

Now, i'm not quite sure what you mean -hard shell-, what's this?
thanks again

Here is a link that might be useful: painted_gourds

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Hard shell gourds have, as the name implies, a hard shell when they dry and are commonly used for crafts. Probably the best known hard shell gourd would be the birdhouse gourd. Just look them up on google and you will see what you can make with them.

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well, i guess that would make sense. When i cut my spinners in half a 1/4 of'em broke.
this is what i do w/them.

hope that worked!

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