Pumpkin fertilizers?

MNgardenmanJune 14, 2012

You will also see this same posting on the professional gardener forum because I must have clicked on it by mistake, lol! But anyway, my question is would the Jobes 2-7-4 fertilizer spikes be a good all season fertilizer to use? I also have a 5-1-1 fish emulsion, the vegetables alive fertilizer (cant remember the ratio) and the miracle-gro 24-8-16 water soluable as other options. The pumpkins will be used mainly for Halloween.

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using a 5-1-1 fish emulsion should be fine every three or four weeks. i have never used the spikes before. since the spikes are low enough does not seem it will cause nutrient burn.
your choice but i would try one hill with spikes and one without. one hill i would use the spikes in combination with the fish emulsion and the other hill i would use straight fish emulsion.
start a third as an experiment and see what happens. my personal opinion. take it how you want.

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1) send kids to catch 15 small bass.

2) beg wife to use blender

3) have a small party with beer and bbq

4) OUTSIDE let the boys grind the fish up in the blender until they are a nice puree.

5) Bet friend a 12 pack that you will take a sip of it and win by faking a sip. (great entertainment for adolescent boys)

6) store in used milk jugs.

7) add one cup to 5 gallons of water and pour directly on the pumpkin vines where they are coming out of the ground.

8) Enjoy GREAT pumpkins!

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog with cool pictures.

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