Moving a Miscanthus sinensis

bridgetr(USDA Zone 7)April 23, 2006

Our Miscanthus sinensis has gotten to big for where it was planted. We love the plant so I would like to move it. Is it too late to do so now? How deep and wide should I dig it and how big of a hole should I dig to plant it?


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It's not too late, in fact, now is a good time. Dig it up with just a few inches extra perimeter, and go down one full spade depth (~12") when you dig it out. Have the new hole already dug and ready for it, the same size as the rootball, and get it into the new hole immediately. Don't plant the top of the rootball deeper than it was before. Water it in well, and watch it's water for a few months while it re-establishes itself.

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another option is to do as Donn mentioned with the additional step of cutting the clump into 2 or more pieces and either replanting one of these in the same spot or doing whatever you like with any of the divisions. Don't be shy, you can literally hack these lovely plants with an axe and, after combing out stray root material, pot them or plant them as you please.

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Only suggestion I would add to what's listed above is to dig the new hole larger (wider) than the rootball. It's always good to make planting holes as large as possible, to loosen up the soil. The plant will establish quicker and grow better that way.

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bridgetr(USDA Zone 7)

Thanks - I'll do it this week. We are suppose to have some nice days.

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bridgetr(USDA Zone 7)

We did it! I didn't expect it to be so difficult. It was very heavy. I hope it likes it's new home.


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