Stupid SVB question

wv2gaJune 10, 2009

I have been looking under the leaves, and at the stems of both my zuccinni and squash plants to make sure there are no SVB eggs on them. (Yes, my wife thinks I'm nuts.)

Am I looking for a cluster of eggs or a single egg?

At this point, if it resembles something small and round, it's gone!!!

I'm bound & determined to NOT lose my plants to them for a third straight year!!!

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Here's a good thread on the problem, from the Vegetable gardening forum. I haven't tried everything folk there mention.

Basically, I only grow non-resistant species of squash sparingly, knowing that they often won't make it. I do inspect the leaves for squash bug eggs and the stems for squash vine borer eggs. But honestly, the borers sneak past me. I mainly grow squash from the c. moschata family, since most of them resist borers very well. We've taken to growing Scarchuk's Supreme, an acorn squash bred for SVB resistance. It does seem to resist them better than most.

Another possibility you can do is to cover the stems of your squash with soil, wherever possible. This should cause them to root and give them more resistance to those inevitable attacks.

Hope this helps!

Tahlequah, OK

Here is a link that might be useful: Squash vine borer solutions

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Thanks for the advice and like.

It figures that two of the favorite things we love from the garden are two of the favorite things of SVB.

And if you know (I didn't see if from the link), is there a time table as to when we should be okay from the SVB laying eggs and such?

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