thinning ornamental grass grown from seed

spikeletApril 5, 2007

hello all, just a quick question that came to my mind. i have sown grass seed into 72 cell liner trays and they have started to germinate. i put from one to 4 seeds into each cell. i had planned to thin each cell to the one most robust seedling. now the question: would there be any benefit (i.e. bigger plants faster) in leaving the cells with multiple seedling in them unthinned? thanks

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You'll definately get larger clumps faster if you don't thin them. However, a lot depends on the type of grass you've sown. If it's a grass with distinctive characteristics, like color, you may want to grow plants from individual seeds, and select for the strongest characteristic representation.

In other words, if you sow Blue Fescue, and grow clumps from multiple seeds, there will be blades within the clump which are more or less blue in color.

You also need to be careful how you do the thinning. If you just cut off the blades of some Fescues, they'll grow right back, with more blades than before.

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