Vacation Pumpkin Care

Pd0xGard_June 17, 2014

I will going away on vacation near the end of July, and I'm worried about my pumpkins. Should I try to bury as much vine on my 4 plants as I can to let it root as much as possible? Would this be enough if I water it Monday morning before we leave, as we're not due back home until late that Sat? My new neighbor said she'd water my plants, but she is newly pregnant and I don't want her out in the heat really. Would my vines survive if they weren't watered at all for that long? Assuming it doesn't rain at all of course.

If she insists, would it be ok if she watered the foliage as well if I had her do it mornings only? I know this isn't usually a good idea because of powdery mildew issues, but it'd be too much to ask her to just water the base / main root crowns.

I have 2 female buds/fruits starting to swell, but the flowers haven't opened yet, so they're not fertilized yet. Hope to have them fertilized before we go away.

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How hot and humid is it going to be when you are gone? Could you stretch out the hose and leave it there so all she'd have to do is turn the water on for a few minutes? Of course, she could water in the mornings or evenings when it's cooler (or maybe you are in a place where it's not cooler until the fall!).

Or maybe ask a local teenager. Or water well and mulch heavily.

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Well, I'm in Philadelphia, and mid-late July is usually pretty toasty here. Yeah, I was going to leave the hose set up near the crowns of the 2 most promising vines, and have her run it for a few mins every other day. I'll also bury every bit of vine I can see, that would help a lot too right? More root = more chance of soaking up enough water?

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You could put a soaker hose coiled around the base of the pumpkin plants with a timer attached... not super cheap, but probably a good investment to make in the garden. I don't think you'll have to worry about over-watering a pumpkin at the end of July in Philadelphia!

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I thought of that too Bruvyman and have considered it for my yard as well. I guess I'm a worrywart, but I'd want someone to come check it and make sure it went on and especially off.

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Do the bucket waterer.fil;l buckets sit beside the plant it trickles out slowly

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