Where are the Sales?

sann777July 27, 2012

I wanted to get a few more daylilies. I'm not sure where I will plant them!! But, if anyone has noticed some good sales let me know. I saw the message about Marrotts having specials. I will look at that. Thanks for any help. Sarah

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I'm not sure, but the Lily Auction will soon be having more for Fall planting.

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Julia NY(6)

I just opened a flyer I got in the mail today from Bell's Daylily Garden. It is a buy one, get one free sale flyer.I guess you can go to their website and check out the details.
I've never bought from them but I'm sure someone on this forum has.
Good luck on your search.


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Bell's does give good plants-I haven't ordered from them, but my Dad has and he was very pleased. But the one page on order info says $50 min order while the other page w/ BOGO says $100. I usually can't afford that much in one setting ($100)

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

My club ordered from Bell's last fall, seemed like good healthy plants. I haven't priced them against others, but I've been told their prices are on the high side.

Maryotts usually has sale prices starting sometime in the next month or two. The special bonus this week is HOLY GUACAMOLE, which I've heard is a really bad ruster.


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I don't know if you're looking for something specific or something fancier than this, but I wanted to chime in! I found a nice pot of "mystery daylilies" at Lowe's last week for $3. It actually had 2 large daylily fans in the pot, even though all the others only had 1. I don't know what color it'll be, but it'll be a fun surprise, and it was a great deal for the size (the same size as my year-old daylilies).

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Our club is having its sale to the public in a few weeks and, on the same day, we're having our auction. Obviously, the sale plants are (usually) ones we have large clumps of or no longer want, etc., but I always find a few interesting things. I usually take time between manning a table or whatever I've volunteered to do to check out everything, and I always find a couple of great things at low, low prices. Also of course, the auction is THE place to go, as it's possible to get great deals on some newer daylilies. So join your local club....There are many other reasons to join, too, that goes without saying, but if do join, you won't need to ask where the sales are next year. :)

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shive(6b TN)

Brown's Ferry is having a sale. I just got the email.

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Julia NY(6)

Dan Bachman - Valley Of The Daylilies

Charlie Shaw - Shaw's Sunshine Garden

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Check seller blueridgebuttons on ebay. He has lots of daylilies listed starting at 9.99 - none of his own intros though (Selman).

Any other good sales around?

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Julia NY(6)

KNOLL COTTAGE DAYLILIES ( Lori-Ann Jones) and HARMON HILL (Carl Harmon) are having 50% off sale only until 8/16/12 (as far as I know). This sale includes introductions of Lori-Ann Jones from 2007 though 2011 at Knoll Cottage Daylilies http://www.knollcottagedaylilies.com and at Harmon Hill Farm. http://www.harmonhillfarm.com. Contact them for information. I did get a couple for myself :-). Northern hybridizer.

EARLYBIRD DAYLILIES - Robin Calderon - reduced prices.

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Lynxe-Our club just had it's auction today which was a mix of donations from others and returned 'host' plants. We purchase nice daylilies (and sometimes hybridizers donate extra) with club fund, someone babysits them for two years, then they can keep a fan if it has increased and return the rest for auction. As you said-part of the good part of being in a club-Brown's Ferry also offers 'club discounts' where if everyone got together and made an order of $500 total, you would get the equivalent amount of plants free. With an average sized club, it didn't take long to make the $500-and no one person spent a huge amount of money.
I am hosting Puerto Rican Fence Climbers (have to return next year) and just got From Here to Eternity (keep for two years). I purchased Ladies Man, Casa De Juan, and Carved Pumpkin Pie for less than half their value.

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Maryott's just reduced prices for end of season.

Just saying. :)


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