rain barrels - something's living in there and fertilizer

jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)June 11, 2008

So excited to finally have my rain barrels. However, when I peeked inside today, it looked like some small black slimy things were attached to the sides of the barrel in the water. Any ideas what they are? Do I need to get rid of them? If so, how?

Second...I was thinking about the water soluable fertilizers the other day. The kind you mix with water in the watering can or use a hose end sprayer with. And got to thinking... Can I just dump it into the rain barrel and let it dissolve? Will it lose its potency? Is there any downside to this...or is it the fantastic time saver I'm thinking it could be?



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buford(7 NE GA)

HMM, I have algae in my rain barrels, but not slugs (sounds like what you have). I wouldn't worry about it.

I've thought of that idea (soluble ferts in the rain barrel) but yes, it would continually be diluted. It would be hard to control the potency....

I do use alfalfa tea and thought about getting a rain barrel just for that.

Oh, and THANK GOD it just rained!

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