Blue Heaven grass

daisy__3(z3MN)April 22, 2007

Anyone have luck with the blue heaven ornamental grass....I am in zone should do ok in my zone but am curious if anyone has grown it for a few years....thanks much for your help.

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'Blue Heaven' is a brand new cultivar of Schizachyrium scoparium (Little Bluestem), selected at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul. It should be hardy to zone 2, so you should have a good time with it. It's a very blue foliage 4' tall plant which turns all sorts of reds and oranges in the fall. Little Bluestem used to cover the northern prairie, and was one of the most predominant native grasses in North America at one time. I imagine the only people who have grown this cultivar "for a few years" are university horticulturalists and some selected growers.

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Is this grass invasive, and if so, is there any way to contain it? Also, is it hardy to zone 2 or 3?

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No, it isn't invasive. If it reseeds at all, it would be minimal in your zone.

It's so new, hardiness is probably still a question. It's a selection from parent plants in Benton County, MN, which puts it at zone 3. The species and most of the older cultivars are hardy to zone 2.

One possible caveat; horses, cattle and sheep find it tasty, so deer may also like it.

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I got that wrong. Little Bluestem species and cultivars are hardy to zone 3.

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Have you had any luck with any of these improved strains coming true from seed? I think you mentioned you are growing S. 'Blaze" from seed. Seeing how old this post was I was curious if you'd tried any previously and grown them into mature plants? I read they won't and are propagated only by division, but now am confused as I am seeing seed offered for some strains.

If they do, I'd sure be interested in trading any seeds with you this fall of 'The Blues' and 'Blue Heaven' I am growing for the 'Blaze' variety that you are growing.

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I sowed 'Blaze' and 'Prairie Blues' on May 14. They germinated on May 24. The seeds were from Jelitto (under Andropogon), and I trust them implicitly. If the seeds weren't true to the cultivar, they wouldn't sell them.

I'd be surprised if they bloom and set seed this year. The only other Little Bluestem I've grown from seed is species.

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Some of the small 'The Blues' I ordered last fall from SRG bloomed and these were very small plants so you might be surprised after all. I was.

I decided to wait until Fall to place my order from Jelitto since everything I now have decided on is cool season. I definitely have my mind set on the European Stipa 'Pennata'. And some of the other Stipas. Have you ever grown the 'Pennata'? Its planned to be my replacement for the Elliot's Love Grass which is already putting out volunteer seedlings and its only June of the first year. Now, there is invasive but then there is INVASIVE.

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I haven't grown S. pennata. Let us know how it goes.

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