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yanggers(USDA 7a (MD))April 30, 2013

My city ordinance lawn police is mistaking ornamental grass for lawn! Baltimore city requires your lawns to be less than 8 inches tall, and they want to fine me. I have a 10 x 20 ft 30 degree hilly front yard full of tall, green, uniform looking ornamental grass. They nod in the wind just like the wheat fields back home, and I want it that way. Does anyone know whether growing a front yard entirely made of tall ornamental grass has to be considered a "lawn"? How can I convince the city it's not full of weeds? Plant some variegated or red grass in the front role? The walkway to front door and street side are buffered by thick concrete hedges.

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I'm afraid you're stuck with your local zoning regulations. Chances are a neighbor or two complained, leading to the authorities enforcing a strange rule.

You might try bordering the grass area like it's a garden bed. Mix it up with clusters of different grasses and some flowering perennials, some shrubs and small trees.

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