yomamanem(7B Georgia)June 18, 2008

I have been using homemade tomato cages for several years. I made them out of wire and they work great until I try to pick the tomatoes inside the cage. I have bent the wire to form windows (unless the 'mater is too big). I have used one of those "grabbers" with a long handle. Any better suggestions? ha (Maybe I could cut bigger windows with wire cutters.)

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I've cut windows out of wire fencing for a tomato cage. Be sure to bend back the cut end so it doesn't scratch you. I'd still find there'd be a tomato that's hard to reach. Make lots of windows, I guess.

I've also made stakes out of privet or other brush and tied sticks between them with wire. Or used old lumber. I once had a "cage" that was 7' high, 8' long, and about 3' across. There were tomatoes all up and down it. After half a dozen years it started to get too rotted.

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