Worms Crawling All Over House!!!!

gglass1(z5)June 1, 2005

Hi all.....Whenever we get an abundance of rain, like this week....I have worms, and I mean lots of them.... crawling all over the outside of my house....they are small in size and everywhere....Anyone experience this problem??? Any solutions?? When it stops raining they will "disapear" but during wet spells it really is kinda yukky.(sorry, worm lovers...LOL)...I'd appreciate any ideas.....


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Kathy Bochonko

Worms or caterpillars? I doubt worms could climb on a house can they? I do know that when the soil gets saturated worms have to come out or they will drown, but I didn't knwo they can climb. After the rain stops my daughter and I like to go around and rescue the ones stranded on the sidewalks and driveways before they bake in the sun.

Here is a link that might be useful: caterpillar id

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mcrean1(z8 GA)

Worms and millipedes do that during periods of heavy rain fall. If you've got flowered beds around the house that you keep heavliy mulched you'll see a lot of this.

Worms are less of a problem than millipededes. Worms will leave when it drys up. Like a bad relative, Millipedes may very well decide they like it on or in your house and stay.

When I had a basement, I had a bad millipede problem there. I'm starting to see a lot of them on the porches here.

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