slow growing dippers?

organicjasonJune 21, 2006

I have numerous dipper gourds planted and almost all of them germinated but as they hit about 3" tall they seem to hit a wall with no growth over the past week or so. I have been keeping them well watered, the soil drains well and I have been adding a liquid fertilizer once every week. Should I be concerned or is this normal. Any suggestions on what I could be doing to keep them growing strong?

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I have found that this is fairly normal behavior for most gourd varieties. It seems like after the first several true leaves come out, they sit and rest a while but actually the roots are spreading out in preparation for all the work they'll have to do when the vine starts growing. And when it does start growing, step back. Mine are growing at least 3 to 6 inches a day and one vine has sent out 6 lateral shoots. Be careful not to over water or fertilize. Good luck and keep us posted. Gene

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susancol(7 Atlanta)

Is this true of all curcubits? Because my squash,gourds, and cucumbers are all kind of stagnating after putting out their first few sets of true leaves. I planted at the first of May and now, they have been growing very slowly for the last couple of weeks. When can I expect them to burst forth with the rapid growth described above? (I was concerned because I've planted them in a raised bed with considerably less sun than the ideal. And I knew that would reduce production, but I have at least one tomato/eggplant/pepper on each of those plants, so I thought it would be ok for squash as well. This is my first year growing curcubits.)

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