dmc101May 26, 2011

I am a slave to a slope weeding and weeding and weeding. We had planted 500 kinnickinick on a slope instead of doing basalt wall rock. Well, we are wondering now why we did such a stupid thing. Ultimately, it will look really nice with greenery on the entrie slope, but the weeds are out of control. It's going to take probably two more summers for these plants to be able to choke out weeds. We can't put mulch because of the wind here. Someone recommended rock mulch, but after reading opinions of that stuff, not sure what to do. I put down a pre-emergent (Amaze), but doesn't seem to do much. Can anyone please help? I stress out every day about the weeds instead of enjoying our custom home.

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Given the conditions already existing, I'm not sure you can do much :-) Kinnikinnick is a great evergreen groundcover for slopes but it doesn't establish very rapidly and it is not ideal for weed suppression.....nor will it ever be. It's growth habit is just a bit too loose and airy to be ideal for that purpose.

Pre-emergents may be your only solution but they will have their drawbacks as well. Amaze would not be my first's formulation is pretty weak and it is only effective on annual weeds. Preen (not the organic formulation) is better. And you will have to remove any existing weeds first, including the roots of any perennial weeds like dandelions, etc. And reapply the product periodically, especially in fall and early spring when most weed seeds germinate. Mulching will help as well, if at all possible.

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