How do I prevent my groundcover from invading the neighbor?

MojitoMeMay 23, 2013

I own a rental house and I'm getting really fed up with driving over there to mow the grass. So, I decided to replace the small front lawn area (which no one uses anyway) with creeping jenny. I've done a ton of research on it, and I'm confident that this is a good choice for the land and amount of sun it gets (it's pretty shady, which is why I ruled out wooly thyme, which i have planned for the backyard which is very sunny).

The only problem I can't figure out is how to prevent the creeping jenny from invading the neighbor's small patch of front lawn. The two lawns are only separated by a chain link fence.

I was thinking of some kind of barrier, but I don't know if that will be sufficient, and if it would work, how far down in the soil must the barrier be, how tall, and how wide? I'm hoping someone here has some solutions to offer; I'm stumped!

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I just had an idea...wonder what people think of this:

Along the border of the chain link fence, I will plant a bunch of hostas (I have a ton of huge ones already on the property begging to be divided) and surround them with a 12" wide strip of black landscaping fabric topped with mulch.

Do you think this will function as an effective barricade against the creepy jenny from encroaching on the neighbors property?

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Creeping Jenny can creep over anything low, especially if no one is there to redirect it.
There is nothing I can think of that doesn't require you to be there at least once in a while- you could trench with an edger every couple of weeks.
You could Roundup every couple of weeks. You could pull it every couple of weeks.
See? All require some maintenance.
Maybe a low stone or brick wall too tall for it to creep over?
Perhaps 12-18 inches or so.

Is this the species or a gold cultivar?
The gold ones are easier to slow down.
Whatever you do don't water it and never feed it!

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Thanks! I may do some type of brick wall. I do go to the property regularly, so some light maintenance isn't a problem, I'm just looking to get away from being chained to the biweekly mowing responsibility.

I planted the creeping jenny about a month ago, and while it seems to have taken root just fine, it doesn't seem to be spreading much yet. Anyone know how long it takes for the spreading to 'kick in'?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Just wait.

Ever hear the saying concerning perennials: 1st year it sleeps, 2nd year it creeps, 3rd year it leaps.

Well, be ready to jump out of the way!

I grew the gold cultivar here in Portland. I had to constantly unbury other plants. Didn't have a stone wall but I doubt that will stop it.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I have some rental houses too. It's in the lease that the tenant mows the lawn. I provide the mower. in 26 years of rental houses, it has worked out fine. Never one did I have to go mow. One is an old lady: she hires a neighbor.

Just saying, there are options.

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