Anyone grow Lithodora 'Grace Ward'

Kathy BochonkoJune 1, 2005

Okay I bought a total impulse plant at No Longer Bound today that I knew nothing about. It just looked so pretty with that dark green foliage and bright blue flowers. (Oh man do I sound like a novice or what?) Yes I know not to do that, but I figured once in a while it is okay, so now that I am reading about it I have read it isn't a great plant for the south. Does anyone grow it and where/how do you recommend I plant it. I was thinking of it for one of 2 places, one is my rock garden which gets a ton of run-off rain water during rainy periods but is in full baking sun all day all year. It is sloped and mulched with pea gravel and egg rock. The other is around the base of some fairy roses adjacent to my new flagstone path where I have just planted some other groundcovers such as thymes and various bluestar creeper (around the path, but not at the base of the roses.) The area around the fairy roses will receive more supplemental water in the summer months and less run off from rain so may be less extreme when it comes to water conditions.

Any thoughts? What is going to keep this pretty little groundcover happy?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

A little exerpt from one of my favorite websites!


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Kathy Bochonko

Thanks GGG,

Actually, that was the site where I read earlier that it wasn't so great for the south. I was kind of hoping someone was going to tell me how beautiful theirs is.

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kikky(z5 PA)

Lithodora is actually a plant for zones 7 to 9. In my neck of the woods it's considered a tender perinnal and needs to be in a protected area because of our winters. It should be planted in a location where it will get full morning sun and mostly shade in the afternoon. Also it should be in a well drained area but kept evenly moist. I hope this resolves you dilema! Please feel free to email me( any time regarding plant questions, I spent 9 years working in the horticulture field.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Well, unfortunately for us Southerners, some plants, as you may well know, zoned for zone 7, 8 and 9 do better in a West Coast enviornment. There is a major difference in our combination of heat and humidity, which is not accounted for in any zone maps.
For this plant, winters are not the issue. Our summers are the problem.


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Kathy Bochonko

My 'non-gardener" neighbor has some in the urns on her front porch. She underplanted her boxwoods with them, and a couple other things. I was really suprised to see them thriving in the shade and with minimal watering (competition for water, and she is horrible about watering regularly) We'll see how mine does, I planted it in full sun near the fairy roses. It looks okay so far, but I know it is way too soon to tell.

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ccl38(8A Savannah, GA)

Rain was the problem at my house. It just couldn't stand all the rain we have had this year. Too bad, cause it is a beauty.

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i planted 4 lithodora yesterday in my rock garden which is sunny and gets plenty of water from small tiny watering things my husband put in there so all i have to do is turn on the knob. They look like they are dying. help & what can i do? they are the prettiest blue flowers i have ever seen & now they look sick. help please. thanks, debi

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