Cortaderia Pumila - is it dead?

barb124April 29, 2007

I planted a nice-sized cortaderia pumila last summer in my yard. For many weeks, we enjoyed its grassy appearance, but no plumes were put forth. That didn't bother me, since I hadn't really expected plumes the first year. Now, though, I can't find any signs of growth at all. It turned white over the winter and I cut it down to about a foot tall ... today I parted the stalks and can't see any sign of green growth. Am I expecting this too early or has the plant died? I've never had grasses before so I don't know what to expect. The grass is planted in a location that gets almost full sun, particularly in the winter, and is at the top of a small slope to ensure that water wouldn't pool around it but would drain downhill.

I don't want to replace it with anything else if I'm expecting to see greenery too soon ... I'd appreciate anything anyone could tell me! Thanks! Barb

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Give it a while and keep watching. Cortaderia are a very warm season grower, and it may just be late. If it doesn't crank up in May, talk to whoever you bought it from. It's supposed to be hardy to zone 6.

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chasinlex(zone 6/7)

I also have the same issue with my Pumila. I planted it last summer (I live in zone 6 Lex, KY) where it is supposed to be hardy. It was green most of the winter but turned white late Jan/early Feb. I examined it today and found one or 2 green shoots coming up. I hope that is not the extent of regrowth. It also looks like it is almost rotted as well. Some of the dead stalks sluffed right off when I attempted to examine deep within the clump.

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