Stripes on Zebra Grass?

ShadyGrove5(z6b TN)April 16, 2005

Can anyone tell me if Zebra Grass emerges from dormancy with stripes already or do they develop later?

I purchased 3 large b&b clumps last fall and they had striped foliage then, but now as they are emerging the foliage is solid green. Currently the new foliage is 18-20 inches tall. They are in full sun.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Mine sometimes go to 24 to 30 inches before they get the crosswise bands.

It sounds like your plants are fine.

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ShadyGrove5(z6b TN)

Thank you very much. I will just be patient and see what happens.

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Agree. Just seeing bands on mine now. They've been up for a while. 2 feet tall.

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meigzilla(5a Far NW’burbs - IL)


I was looking for an answer to this question...did your zebras get stripey? I just picked up 3 containers labeled Zebra Grass from Lowes. I see evidence of a tiny amount of striping but nothing much and want to make sure that they will stripe up later. Thanks for the reply.


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Very funny -- I went through this same head scratcher last spring/summer with my Porcupine grass. I learned that it is the stresses of heat and longer days that bring out the bands in the banded grasses. I have a mature clump of 'Strictus' in the ground and it is over 2 feet tall now and nary a band yet. This will change though! This year I know better -- grasses have nuances and it takes a while to learn them.

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