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football45013June 9, 2012

Hey All,

Bought some pumpkin seeds today and I'm getting ready to plant them here in a few minutes. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment because I'm going to try Big Max pumpkins again. If you've read my first post, you will know that I've tried to grow Big Max pumpkins and Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins for like 4 years now with no luck. I guess I'm just stubborn like that and bound and determined to get at least one pumpkin out these darn vines. So, you all cross your fingers and wish me lots of luck because I'm going to need it, lol. I hope to post updates periodically of my progress growing these things and if I see any signs of disease, I will definitely post pictures, so you experts can tell me why the heck my pumpkins are sick, lol. I'm sure I'll be asking a lot of questions along the way too, so you guys be ready to answer, lol. Anyways, I do appreciate the advice and take care!

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may the force be with you. you got some good advise from trev, so you should be off to a good start.

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Good LUCK! I have been there! Last year was a wash for me also! POST AWAY!!!

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Well, I overcame the first obstacle: Getting them out of the ground, lol. Here's a picture of my the 2 Big Max vines that I planted on June 9th sprouting out of the ground. They actually started poking through about 5 or 6 days ago. A rabbit took a bite out of the leaf on the vine on the left, but I guess it didn't taste too good to him because he hasn't been back. No big deal. It seems like every time I plant these things, right after they sprout, I'll always find something that had chewed part of the leaf off, but I never have any problems with critters afterwards. Anyways, I do have a question. Kmart sells a 3 in 1 Garden spray that combines insecticide, fungicide, and miticide all in one. This seems like a great product that I'll probably buy. Before I do though, should I go ahead and just spray the vines now with this stuff, to prevent any disease or insect problems or should I just wait until I see the first signs of any disease or bug problems?

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Is it the garden safe product? If it is here is the label please read it all and follow the directions. Since you have no problems yet it is likely that you should use the 14 day schedule. Also don't spray when bees are active. The label indicates that some plants could be sensitive so I'd just spray one plant first just to make sure it won't kill your plants.

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Actually it's called Safer Brand. And it says for Organic Gardening. However, I just went back and read the product description on Kmart's website for this stuff and it doesn't mention anything about being able to spray on pumpkin vines. So, I won't be buying this product. However, I will look for that brand that you posted Trev and probably buy me some of that.

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Just wanted to give an update of my Big Maxes at the almost 1 month anniversary of planting the seeds. I'm a little concerned about the vine on the left of the picture. This was the first one that sprouted, yet it's growing slower than the vine on the right. I would have thought since it sprouted first, it would be larger than the one on the right, which sprouted a day or two later. Is this anything to worry about?

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So, in a follow up to my last post of my concern about the left vine growing slower than the right vine, I've seen some weird spots on the leaves of the left vine and I'm wondering if these spots are something I should be concerned about. Can anybody tell me if these spots are the early signs of some type of disease, pest, etc? If so, what's the diagnosis and what can I do about it? These pictures are from 3 different leaves on this particular vine. As you can see in this picture, there are little white spots along the veins of this leaf.

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Again, more white spots along the veins of a second leaf.

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And finally, this is a third leaf with completely different type of spots. Thanks for the help!

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