trimming groundcover

weeddummie(ACT Aust)April 11, 2005

I have this common clover-like groundcover ( - it's not a weed in my garden afterall, but I'm not sure what it's called, any ideas? :)) and some parts have dried out, while others are still nice and green. I would like to clean it out and remove or even trim the living bits, but is there an easy way other than randomly clipping bits? It's crawls quite a long way, so it'll be bad to accidentally cut places near the roots when it's tangled up.

I also love pulling it upwards to sweep underneath the plant :)

Thanks for all of your help so far. This garden forums is great, I'm glad I've found it :)

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Does it get little orange berries on it?

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Is this "Gill-over-the-Ground"? If it is, I have it, and I like it; it flowers blue in late spring/early summer. You will have to restrain it, however, or let it just go as it pleases. It does not seem to choke out other, more desirable plants. Your location would help us to help you identify this.

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Or it could be "Golden Thread," which I also have and love. If its roots are very thin and yellow, that's what it is. (Your photo and my garden are one hundred miles apart, as I write, so I cannot dash outside to verify my any of this.) But why post this in the ornamental grass forum?

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weeddummie(ACT Aust)

I couldn't find a good picture of "golden thread" yet, but it's not Gill-over-the-Ground (it has white flowers, don't know about orange berries, but I see black dots under, shape is the same, but with a smooth rather than crinkly surface). I know I shouldn't have posted it here, in my dumb moments I was thinking this groundcover is a kind of ornamental grass (it's green and grassy...doh me!). Too bad we can't delete posts.

Thanks for the replies nevertheless :)
PS: I'm located in NSW in australia

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Creeping Raspberry (Rubus calcinoides)?

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weeddummie(ACT Aust)

Hmm...doesn't look like it (thanks for replying btw :)). The leaves do not have the lines on them, it's very smooth, a bit like clover grass (with the arches on the edge) but with smooth green colour (no shades). Maybe it's a kind of clover? I really should take a closer pic soon.

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