Mystery Squash - Can someone ID this?

Becca.916June 26, 2013

This is from a summer squash mix! I have a ton of squash (winter and summer) growing in my garden, so this is probably a cross pollinated squash, but I also have pumpkins growing in my garden and this thing looks just like a pumpkin! Has anyone ever seen this kind before? It is vining all over the garden - but I swear its NOT a pumpkin.. hope to hear from someone! Thanks!

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planetes(7b (Cascadia - PNW))

Just as an observation, the difference between a winter squash and a pumpkin is.. well.. nada. We call some winter squash pumpkins because they're orange or it's tradition. Not because there is any culinary or botanical difference (there's neither).

Now, to answer your original question it could be a hybrid. were the seeds ones you saved or volunteers or were they newly purchased?

The shape looks similar to a buttercup some varieties but it's not something I recognize.

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Whatever it is, it was not mature when you picked it. Mature squash lack the high gloss you can see on developing squash. If it is vining there is a good chance that it is a winter squash, and it is unlikely that is the mature color. Let the rest grow to maturity. My guess is some sort of C. maxima winter squash/pumpkin since they have many varieties that start off yellow. If you know what varieties you planted we can can probably tell you what it is.

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