Mosaic Virus?

panda22June 21, 2010

I have posted this to a few different forums here and a few people say yeah mosaic virus. So I thought I would also post here as maybe more people here have come across this disease. Mosaic Virus or something else *clutching at straws*

Charentais melons

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Guess no one here has come across cucumber mosaic virus.

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susancol(7 Atlanta)

I ran across this while looking for infomation on wilt. It reminded me of your post. Hope it's not too late to help.

Q:Each year my yellow squash plants do a peculiar thing. Toward early to midsummer the plants which once produced yellow fruit start producing green or often yellow and green fruit. This is generally accompanied by a twisting or mottling of the leaves. What could possibly be causing this problem?

A. Your plants have been affected by a virus disease, most often squash mosaic virus or cucumber mosaic virus. This virus is transmitted to your plants by insects which have been feeding on other virus-infected squash plants or perhaps some wild plant. Once the plant gets this disease nothing can be done. Best preventive measures include insect control and planting varieties which will mature early in the year. This disease is more severe on late-planted squash or summer-planted squash than it is on the early spring-planted crop. The green squash (which should be yellow) is still good to eat if harvested at the proper stage of maturity. There will be little change in taste. This virus disease will eventually kill the plant.

This forum is slower than some. Not as much traffic. But good information when there is some.

Best of luck!

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Concur. If you have cucumber mosaic virus, you have it. No treatment, no cure. While it will reduce your yield and make the fruit cosmetically unappealing, they are fine to eat. If you want yellow squash of any type, plant resistant varieties where this virus is prevalent.

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Thanks, I ended up destroying the yellow squash and putting the melon in a insect proof enclosure with a bunch of yellow sticky traps and reluctantly broke out the chemical insecticide and sprayed everything, seems to have stopped its progress as so far none of my cucumbers or other melons seem to be infected.

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