Butternut squash-does it grow up or across ground?

mfran12345June 2, 2014

How does butternut squash grow, vertical on a trellis or spread out across the ground? There is a butternut squash plant growing in my garden and I'm not sure what to do with it.

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Mine have always traveled across the ground.
The squash can get quite large they would be tooooo heavy on a trellis

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That's what I assumed but wanted to check. I have about 3-4 feet around all sides of it. Do you think that'll be enough room?

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Well could be, then if it very healthy maybe not. I think 3-4ft would be ok. If it gets out of hand just snip off some of the trailer ends and stop it from spreading. Don't water from above No wet leaves(fungus). Watch for squash bugs, You should be on your way to some nice butter nut.
PS I am 1 blog below you trying to figure out what we planted -that's my shoe

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Last year I let my butternut squash climb up my chain link fence. I loved it. It was very easy to pick the fruit.

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