Hubbard Squash/Rouge vif D'etampes

ccabal(7)June 7, 2013

Started 2 Hubbard Squash plants and 2 Rouge Vif D'etampes pumpkin i(A.K.A Cindarella Pumpkin) indoors this late Feb, and put them in the ground in March. They have grown like crazy, and unfortunately have shown some symptoms of mosaic or something, (discolored, slightly distorted leaves) but I dont think it has affected them that much, since they have grown like gangbusters.
Here is a pumpkin I have growing. Its grown very fast... probably adding an inch in diameter each day. Its bright yellow right now,and I guess when its ready it will turn deep orange/red. I have a smaller one also growing on the other vine.

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The Hubbard Squash plants are huge. I think the vines are at least 25ft long now,and keep growing about 2-3 inches a day. They look like they have been affected by mosaic a little bit more, but still it seems like a mild effect on them.
I have had a lot of problem with the fruit aborting though. I lost one that was a little bit smaller than the one pictured. It was growing lop-sided, and then started turning yellow one day. I have lost tons of small ones that turn yellow a few days after the flower opening. What a bummer. I am really hoping this one sticks, and grows to maturity.
As you can see, I bury and mulch my vines, to minimize SVB damage. So far no SVB damage seen.

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Here's the Hubbard squash today. It's getting real big and bumpy. I have another one that's growing we'll now too, and two other ones I was hopeful about but are looking yellowish and probably will abort

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I'm so sorry to hear this :( The exact same thing happened to my Rouge vifs a few years ago. I had three or four gorgeous, big pumpkins growing, and they all got yellow and mushy and died. I'm not sure if what you have is mosaic or could be another virus, or possibly squash bug damage. Have you checked under all the leaves for squash bug eggs? They show up in little clusters near the base of the leaf. Either way, I'm sorry to tell you that most likely you won't get any squash to maturity. Keep us updated! Heirlooms can be extremely fickle.

Okay just one more thing. After mine got a virus a few years ago, I stopped starting them inside in Feb, and actually started planting them directly in the soil in early to mid June. It helps so much! I would highly recommend doing that.

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I had to harvest the Rouge Vif yesterday. I noticed a few small holes in the bottom it it, like something had tried to gnaw on it. So I decided to try to cover it with a cloth bag. While trying to move the pumpkin, it broke off the stem. Fortunately I think its mostly ripe, and will be fine to eat. I'll let it cure a few weeks and then dig in. I weighed it, and its about 23lbs.

No I have not had squash bugs (cross my fingers!! ) my biggest problem this year has been the cucumber beetles. SVBs have not been bad at so far.

The big hubbard is still there. It looks like its starting to harden. The upper part of it is becoming bluer, and getting a less shiny look. Part of it is still greenish and feels a bit softer. I have another one that is about 7lbs I think, but it has not grown much the last few days... maybe it will just be a small one. But all the other ones that I think are going to do well get aborted. Its a bummer. Well at least I hope I can get a couple of good ones.

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