Straightneck squash wilting

elsbed(7b SC)June 16, 2009

I have a straightneck squash in an earthbox with three cucumbers. The cukes are starting to fizzle out and I plan to pull them out soon. However...I'm trying to save the squash plant, which has produced several squash but recently developed powdery mildew. I sprayed, first with neem, then a few days later with Soap Shield. Now, a week later, the leaves are beginning to wilt. First a few at a time, but last night the whole plant was pretty much hanging. This morning, though, the new growth appeared to perk up (it has been really starting to heat up and get humid lately) I could just rip the whole thing out, but I hate to as there are numerous female flowers on the verge of coming out.

I'm wondering if I should let it go a little while longer, or rip it out before it spreads a disease?

I've seen a few squash bugs on the cukes and squash, but killed them by hand.

At one point the box itself had tipped over and the fertilizer strip (if anyone is familiar with earthboxes) presumably got wet...I'm wondering if this could be an issue with overfertilization (although that happened about six weeks ago).

Sorry for the many and varied questions...I am new to growing squash and have gotten quite fond of them!

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

I don't know anything about earthboxes, but its normal for cucurbits to allow their leaves to wilt and droop in the heat of the day. Then, once the evening air cools off they perk back up.

Its their natural means of saving water.

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elsbed(7b SC)

Well...I guess what concerns me is that it started off as a few leaves wilted here and there, now the whole plant...

It could be the heat, but much of the plant was still wilted this morning...

(Sorry for obsessing...I have bad memories of losing all of my cukes once at the same time to what I assume was bacterial wilt)

I am going to observe for a few days and then possibly remove it. It will pain me to do so, but I don't want it to spread to my non-Earthbox cucumber which is doing fabulously in another pot!

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