Luffa vines perennial?

tenrocJune 16, 2006

I grew a couple luffa plants last year and I harvested the fruit. I have noticed that the vines have revived and are putting out new, fresh growth. There are no flowers, at least yet. I do not believe any luffa rotted or dropped seed, and it does look like the growth is coming from the original vines.

Is this normal? Can I get another crop?

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I can't say for certain but I have seen luffa vines in a greenhouse that I was told had been growing for two years. Looks like you are lucky and if I was a betting man I would say this year you will get a bigger crop since the roots and all are already developed.

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I had them to come back but am not certain if it was because some seeds were probably dropped or not. The summer after my first crop, I had them popping up everywhere - one even ran up another plant vine and onto the roof and power line. Duke Power probably didn't like that too well! I didn't plant any this year but had vines to come up in an area where they were last year. They're fun! Send me an email and tell me if you had any luck -

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you know I've had other people tell me there luffahs came back also. I may just leave mine in the groundthis year to seeif they come back. Flowering tobacco is supposed to be annual also. but mnie comes back every single year.

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retnavythom(z10 CA)

I am just getting ready to enjoy a crop of luffa from a vine that start in 2005... It grew all year and only put out 2 or 3 very small luffa. It was a "bonus" plant from the season prior. The seed fell between the decking boards in my garden that I put in for walking. It grew up and was very constricted and gnarled between the planks but I ended up cutting it back to about 3 to 4 inches. This year it took off like a rocket. I currently covers about 1/4 of my two car garage roof and the luffas are about the size and length of my arm... I'm 6'4" so you can imagine the size. I don't know if being in San Diego has anything to do with it... seemed like a lousy summer for tomatoes in the neighborhood but the ginger and the pineapple tops seemed to enjoy... yes, I have a very eclectic garden spot.

Now I just have to figure out how to do that luffa soap thing. When I told the girls at work that I grew luffas they told me they thought that came from the ocean.

Later and Merry Christmas to some and Happy Holidays to the rest.

Retired Navy Thom

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