my female pumpkin flowers are falling off!!!

MissKayle10-3-13(9)June 22, 2014

Please help! Ive already had one female pumpkin flower turn yellow and fall off, but now my second one is doing the same thing! At first i had the vine running across the ground, but when the first female fell off i thought maybe it could be that it was rubbing too much on the ground, so i took some skewers and crisscrossed them to lift up the vine completely off the ground, but now the second female is turning yellow and looks like it might abort as well. This is my first time growing pumpkins so please any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi again, its my first time growing pumpkins too and I'm really hoping to get it right so I understand your concern. I've done a ton of research and I'd love to help you if I can. As I said before, I would definitely get your vine back on the ground and be sure that it has contact with nice, healthy soil to reroot.
I know watching the female flowers die off can be upsetting but often pumpkin growers pull off the female flowers until the vine is very sturdy and 8-10 feet long to ensure larger pumpkins so it might not be a bad thing (I used to hate watching my lemon tree drop fruit but really it is just the plant doing what it needs to do to produce great fruit!)
Anyhow, would you mind telling me, how long are the vines on your pumpkin plants?

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