Need Help on uneven ground cover growth.

sbeau(7b TX)May 30, 2005

I have vinca under a large old oak. It grows much thicker on the back side of the tree. I think there is more wind hitting the front of the tree and wonder if this is the reason the vinca doesn't grow as well there. The front of the tree has a sourthern exposure, so it gets a little more sunlight, but it's mostly shady under the tree. I have planted Asain Jasmine in the front also thinking this might grow better, but I'm not sure it's helped. After two years the ground cover still looks uneven. Irises, ferns and hostas are also around the tree. The irises have spread more in the area receiving less wind. We're going to have a shed placed in the path of the wind, hoping this will help. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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Kathy Bochonko

Maybe the wind is drying that area more? You could try giving it more water on that side and maybe fertilizing the one side only for a season or two. That is the thing about plants they decide where they are happy.

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sounds like it's a combination of things- Kathy's made a good point about the wind drying that side out...

the sun is certainly part of it- everything you listed is a 'part sun' lover- they don't want all sun, all the time- but they want to be close enough to SEE the sun.
if one side gets even five more minutes of sun, the plants will tend to head that way- they are photovores at heart :)

I'd simply move some of the younger 'volunteers' to the shady spot, making up for growth with plant density- or I'd want to put a non-growing THING there- a planter, or a bird feeder, or a statue.

the shed will certainly make a good windblock- though if you're getting consistent winds from one quarter, I'd do a little math to make sure that the tree remains in the 'lee' of the shed, otherwise, you may end up with it sitting in the very spot where the two 'waves' come back together, which will make it even windier in that spot than it was before.

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sbeau(7b TX)

THanks for the suggestions. I have tried more water and the side that has less growth does get more sun. I will try fertilizer next. I can also cut off some of the extra growth on one side and try planting it on the lesser side.
And I will think again about the position of the shed. You may be right about the wind being stronger than ever.
Thanks for the input.

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