squash/pump seed mixture recs for newcomer

creativeexpJune 29, 2014

a total rookie when it come to best eating/long storing winter squash and pumpkin varieties. The number of varieties seems overwhelming so I turn to those who know. Being on SS now I can't afford huge selections individually from many vendors. Too, I simply don't need so many of any one variety..there are only the two of us anyway. My main interest is in the best varieties for cooking the world has to offer and those with a flesh and shell that means I won't go out during the winter and next spring and find mush. Might you have any recommendations as to a source that sells something like a large assortment pack; if not of many varieties, at least packs of the major family's varieties? Send email through profile page if preferred.

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My personal favorites are cushaw squash, butternut squash, and pretty well any tan pumpkin like long island cheese and libby.

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Thank you for the suggestions! After finding my FEDCO catalog I was able to identify a wide range of winter squash and placed an order for many of their offerings.

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