gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)May 23, 2007

Lady gave me this last year. It is a nifty plant with tasty little flowers.

Anyone else growing it?


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wanda662(Stuart, Fl)

Oh my gosh! Is that a black snake in that bush?
Never heard of it but it looks great with out the snake.
Does it have fruit also?

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Not a snake, it is commercial tree-tie material. So sorry for the scare!

I have not tried the leaves or shoots, but I sure like the flowers..

From the ECHO website:

Katuk - Sauropus androgynu

Katuk, a delicious hot weather green vegetable, is one of the staple vegetables in Borneo. It has become one of the favorite salad greens of the staff at ECHO, and is used either cooked or raw for its nutritious leaves and shoots. The unique flavor of these leaves is most similar to peanuts. It grows very well in Florida. Katuk is disease and pest resistant, tolerates most soils, and grows in sun or shade. For the best tender shoots and leaves, grow Katuk in half shade and fertilize frequently. This shrub should be kept pruned to 3 to 6 feet since it tends to grow straight up until it falls over. It grows very slowly during cool weather, and can be killed back by a frost or freeze but grows back from the ground and may regrow bushier than before.

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You are truly the Queen of "edibles I never heard of before"! This is a fascinating plant and the flowers are pretty, whether you can eat them or not.

In a recent post you said something about the 5 types of patio mangos you had. Ha! Most people would be happy with one and you have 5! You are my hero.


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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Kate, shhhhh, listen carefully, don't tell anyone...

If you buy Dwarf plants you can get MORE varieties(G). At least that is my excuse...

Oh, and with different ripening times, you can extend the harvest... Hmm, what else can I think up? Oh yeah, it is easier to spray and trim small trees.

Plus, they are so cute!

And I don't know how anyone can resist the descriptions of the Condo Mangos on the PI and Fairchild websites.. That is some creative writing!!!


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Lady gave me one a few years ago and I killed it. Seeing yours makes me want to get another one.

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treefrog_fl(z10 FL)

Wow, I didn't realize the flowers are that adorable!
Lady just gave me one at the swap. It's still a baby, so I'll baby it for a while.
What a wonderful addition to my garden!
Thanks, Lady.

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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

I love the flowers, lisa!

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Glad to see others enjoying katuk, it is one of my favorites. It is such an easy care plant requiring no spraying or anything other than to prune it when it looks a little top heavy. The new shoots are also very good. I like them raw and in stir fry.

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Lisa......... since you can eat it, I want some !

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msmarion(9aPort St Lucie)

I want some too!

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Miss those, I grew up on Borneo Island and we eat katuk all the time. Stir fried with dried shrimps, Katuk soup with light dried anchovie broth and egg drops, fried with Chinese vemicelli...etc.

I am in California now, can I make arragement to have some katuk stems shipped to CA ? I tried the seeds from HI and Australian, did not work, back home katuks areplanted from stems.

Contack me please,bring back memories of home I left 20 years ago. I 'll post a few "How to cook Katuk" upon succcesful harvest!

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