What is this groundcover-Sorry about quality

hbwright(z7bSC)May 13, 2005

I am letting a friend use my digital so I used my phone for the pictures. My mom has this as as a groundcover between stepping stones and I have some thrown in a pot until I know what to do with it. I just noticed some small yellow flowers on it and thought about using it where I am planning on putting a walking path from my driveway to my frontdoor. It would go in order of this groundcover whick will be walked on rarely, a stepping stone path and then my tall fescue lawn. Anybody with information on this plant?

View from top.

View from side.

It stays low but seems to get kind of bushy when it grows. It doesn't look to be very invasive, just a fast grower but I want to be sure before I'm out there for hours on end pulling it from my lawn.

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it's a sedum. I have the exact same one at my house, actually- starts out as rosettes, which over the course of the summer turn into something like a charm bracelet of little diamond-shaped leaves.

it will take some foot traffic (it squishes easily, but bounces back fast) and it's pretty much unpeturbed by anything but boggy conditions.

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

This sedum roots very very easily. I tossed some (I thought they were) dead ends into a corner for pick up later and they rooted and grew... now have a nice patch. I have most of mine in an old turkey feeder where they do quite nicely. The patch in the corner has grown quickly, but it doesn't seem invasive and it is easy to pull.

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Kathy Bochonko

I received a bag of cuttings of this from a plant trade. I have now (2 years later) given it to the whole neighborhood. It grows like crazy, but it's roots are super shallow so it can be pulled out very easily. I am not sure about it by a path since it would break when you step on it, although there is so much it would grow right back. It also would have a tendancy to grow over the path itself as some of the pieces I have are at least 15-18 inches long.

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