What ails this young plant?

FuzzyPete(8b)June 14, 2013

Hi there,

First time posting and first year growing a garden from seed. I have a couple of beds. This one bed has a few pumpkins growing in it.. Almost all of the seeds came up around the same time and the new plants are looking healthy. However, this one plant came up a little later, got its' first true leaves while looking quite healthy. Rather quickly, though, the coltyledon turned brown and dried up and now the true leaves are following. I would think water (because of the dryness), but there is another plant on the "hill" that has no issues that I can see... In the picture, you can see that healthy plant in the background. So, i was thinking pests... I did notice that my companion sunflower had a pile of little little white bugs running up and down the stem, and it appeared that the closer pumpkins did as well... I figured that these were spider mites and used some insecticidal soap on the little buggers.. They are gone for the last couple of days, but i am waiting to see if that helps my poor plant here...

any thoughts?

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Seedling issues other than lack of germination or damping off are unusual. It could just be bad genetics. This is why you thin, not all seeds are created equal. Just remove the plant and allow the other to continue to thrive.

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You can see the final outcome in the linked thread... I reposted this in the Veggie Forum since it seemed to have higher traffic. In the end, after planting 4 seeds, 1 never germinated, 1 came up with only 1 leaf, 1 was thriving, and this was the last... It shriveled and died. :-(

But, as you pointed out, this is why we overseed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread in Veggie Forum

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Sorry do not risk this it could be something simple but then it could be a contagious wilt bacteria or infected with something else please pull the plant and all the root with some soil still attached to it plastic bag it up tightly and throw it in the garbage no where near any of you plants or planting material not worth the risk sorry!! you put to much effort into the rest of your plants do not risk spreading a bad bacteria or fungus or virus

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Did you get a bright , Hot, Sunny day after a few days of rain and clouds ?

It seems to me the damage might be "Sunscald" or sun burn.

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