Help -- rose leaves turning yellow

milieu_serene(8b/SE GA)June 18, 2009

Help please.

My mother has some knockout roses and a couple of other very old roses (no idea what they are --- they were rooted last year ---- luckily ---- from my grandfather's and grandmother's OLD rose --- lucky because it finally gave up the ghost).

In the last few days some of the leaves have begun to turn yellow. All the roses are still blooming.

We put some bloombuster liquid fertilizer on them Sunday -- don't know if that may have caused the problem.

Any ideas?? Solutions??



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Hey Joel -- I'm surprised no one else has responded to you yet. I am no expert, so have hesitated to do so -- but here goes! I have some yellow leaves too -- I think they often go along with diseases. I have had good luck using a product called Bayer All in One. (There is a 2 in one variety -- I like the All in One.) It fertilizes and is a systemic insecticide and fungicide. When I faithfully apply that as directed, they are gorgeous all season long.
I wouldn't use it yet, since you just fertilized...

I would suggest calling a nursery that you trust and asking to speak with someone who really knows their roses. At the big Pikes out near us, there is an older fellow named Jack who is the unofficial rose man! You could maybe prune off a section that is yellow and take it in to show them.

Good luck!

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