pink to orange, shade/part-sun, very low

j_k_w(WA 7B - Sunset 5/4)May 21, 2011

I need help finding (if it exists) a ground cover that has warm pink to orange shading in its foliage, is very low growing (4" or less, ideally), and that thrives in shade/part-sun. The conditions are favorable -- protected, composted soil, good moisture.

It doesn't have to have solidly-colored leaves, but can be some form of green with shadings of the colors I'm looking for, though I'd prefer less green. I'm looking for the range of colors found in the link below.

Flower color (if any) is unimportant.

Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think you may be looking for the impossible :-) As a former sales rep of a wholesale nursery that specialized in groundcovers and a buyer of groundcovers for a retail nursery, I am pretty aware of what's out there and I can't think of anything that fits your description. The closest I could come is Sedum 'Angelina', which is really a rather intense lemon yellow during the growing season but turns an orange-coppery-bronze in cold weather. If you can fudge on the height requirements, a couple of heaths/heathers could work also, but again, the coloring is not uniform year round but intensifies with cold weather - Erica x darleyensis 'Mary Helen', Calluna vulgaris 'Firefly' or 'Wickwar Flame'. And these would really prefer full sun but will tolerate light shade.

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I don't have a suggestions that fits your chosen color, but your photo link looks like 'Caramel' Heuchera, which I have in a pot with bronze foliage Ajuga reptans and an orange flowering pansy. Another groundcover that looks good with this combo is golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia numm...)

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