OK to mound soil up around the base?

actionclawJune 22, 2012

I've never tried growing (zucchini & yellow) squash before --at least not intentionally. They're all growing well, getting bigger which in turn causes them to be heavier, become unbalanced and flop over. I know some plants, such as tomatoes, like to dig their stems further into the soil to grow more roots, etc. while others need a nice dry exposed stem and would otherwise rot.

How do squash feel about it?
Is it safe to support the plants by mounding additional soil/mulch higher up around the base? I understand once the vines start running they can/should be buried and will sprout more roots so I assume this should be OK but thought it may not apply so close to the crown and so a good idea to check first.

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I would think it would be fine. they will normally form roots along the buried stem. the hard part is going to be keeping them still long enough to form roots with those big kite like leaves they have. maybe a stake would be better. me though I just let them lay as they are because they'll get those leaves turned back to the sun within a day or two anyway.

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> turned back to the sun within a day or two anyway.

Yep. Just as you say. The lower stem direction changes but then the plant just repositions itself to be the same as it was.

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