Native plant ID's please

girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)June 1, 2010

This weekend we went to the Perimeter College Botanical Garden, and had a wonderful time.

I do have some questions about some plants we saw that were not labled. In particular, what the heck they are! Esh, maybe you can help?


And just some pretty pictures for you to enjoy:

New fern glade area. Incredible!

Ferns for sun!

Native Poinsetta Tree!

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That second one looks like it could be one of the deciduous hollies before the flowers open? My Ilex verticillata flowers are just opening now.

The other two I'm not sure (gosh that first one looks like a weed even to me!). If no one else knows I'll send the link to some of the folks that I know work there.

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Ok, the first one is suggested to be Silphium and the second one a Carex.

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