Squash in the shade...

plantslayer(8)June 29, 2010

So I got a few kabocha-style squash growing in a bed that gets a lot of shade. I bet they only get 4-5 hours of direct sunlight, if that. However, if the young squash grow quickly I will be able to lead them out onto areas where they will get full sunlight for most of the day (say 6 or 7 feet from the base of the plants).

So I am wondering, will the plants be able catch up in this setup? Also, can I somehow stimulate fast growth so they can reach more sunlight? Will that help them?

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susancol(7 Atlanta)

All you can do is try it and see. Liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks should maximize growth potential. You can read on some of the forums about the use of reflective light, using foil or white surfaces to reflect light towards your shaded plants. Careful not to use a refractive surface that could burn the plants.

Best of Luck!

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I grew some yellow summer squash in the shade of a mesquite tree ... they were lanky, but grew quite well.

They will head for the sun on their own.

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