How many Zucchini do I have?

Brett801(South Jordan, UT (5))June 22, 2013

Hello all,

Working on my first SqFT Garden and have a Zucchini plant growing and am curious if I have just one or several. This was a single plant purchased from one of the local stores but looking at it with my untrained eye I am seeing multiple stems coming out of the ground. There are a total of 5 (only 2 pictured.


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I would say you have 5 plants. Are they all planted in one square foot? I hope someone here will be able to let you know whether to remove a couple (maybe transplant) or just let things go as they are. If you have 5 plants in one place, that will be quite dense when they reach their growing size.

I bought one plant this year and found two in the pot, gently separated them so I have two good plants going, but not in one square foot.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

NO MORET THAN 2 PER HILL. me thinks. And it will be hard if not impossible to transplant them at tis stage.

Probably IT WAS NOT a single plant wehen you purchased it . The usually plant multiple seeds of cucurbits per cell. But when transplanting you should choose ONE, TWO or max THREE.

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