solanum ovigerum vs cucurbita pepo

reneenunez(PNW Z8)June 12, 2009

can anyone tell me the difference between these two plants. i guess one is a gourd and one an eggplant, but are they both used in crafts?

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Hmm neither are used in crafts to my knowledge. Can I ask where your question comes from? Eggplants rot, while that variety looks like easter eggs I haven't seen anything that suggests they store for any useful length of time. And C. pepo are ornamental gourds and most orange pumpkins, as well as summer squash and some winter squash. It is a very diverse species. The only part of that group that could possibly be used for crafts are the ornamental gourds. But most of those rot or shrivel on drying and leave nothing to craft with. Most gourds used for crafts are Lagenaria siceraria. Hope that helps.

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