variegated purple moor grass (problem?)....

flybynyte(Z4 NE-SD)May 28, 2005

As a whole, the plant has put up new growth. The problem is, the outer half of one side of the plant seems to be growing just fine (about 4-6 inches long)---while the rest of the plant has put up new shoots, but seems to have slowed dramatically---therefore, giving me a lop-sided plant.

We have had a cool-cold/damp/cloudy/windy last couple of weeks. Could that have something to do with it? Maybe the plant needs dividing? Does it divide well?

I was very impressed with this little grass last year when I bought it. Turned out to be a very nice border plant. Soooo, I am hoping it will still turn out ok.

Anyone have experience with this grass and/or could give me some advice?


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How long have you had the plant? Can you give us a picture of it as it is now?

According to my books, you're right on the edge, or just past it's hardiness zone. One say's zone 5 and the other, zone 4. How did you care for it during the winter, and how severe was your winter?

You can divide it, but it's best to do it in Spring, which may be now, in your zone. It's a cool-season grass, which means it should be in active growth now.

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flybynyte(Z4 NE-SD)

Sorry, not able to provide a pic.

I bought it last spring at a nursery. Was a good size plant at the time of purchase. I had read about it and seen pictures of it in Ambergate Garden's catalog and GardenGate Magazine. Ambergate Gardens (which is located about 3 1/2 hrs east of my location) said they have had good luck with the plant's hardiness. Soooo, thought I would give it a try.
We had a rather mild winter here---2-3 inches of snow cover, at times (snow, melt, snow, melt). Much of the winter went without snowcover. We had a total of 11 inches of snow this past winter. There was a report that perennials may take a hit because of our goofy winter. I expected to take a hit with a number of plants (including the purple moor grass), but, came out pretty good. The plants that I seem to have lost are the hakone grass 'Aureola' and my Endless Summer hydrangea---those kinda bummed me out.

Anyway, will keep an eye on my purple moor grass, just to make sure nothing else is going on there. Doesn't appear to be sickly---maybe it's just the warm, cool/cold,warm, cool, periods of spring that have thrown it off a bit.

I see quite a few plants have some yellow on them. We haven't had much sun the past couple of weeks.

Thanks for the help.

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